Privacy & Security

Code of Conduct

The Clinic will provide high quality, confidential services in an environment free from discrimination. In turn, clients of the clinic are expected to treat everyone in a courteous and respectful manner, without discrimination.

Strategic Plan

Being Triaged

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Privacy Statement

Privacy of personal health information is a fundamental right of healthcare in Canada. When you provide us with health information, we give you these assurances.
We will:

  • Only collect information required for your care and treatment.
  • Give you access to your own records and, if requested, make copies of them at a reasonable cost.
  • Only share your information with other health professionals or health care institutions to the extent necessary to provide you with proper health care.
  • Ask your permission to share your health information if required for other purposes unless we must provide it for legal reasons.
  • Keep your information secure and retain or destroy these records as requested by law.
  • Keep accurate records.

If you have any concerns, please ask to speak with our Administrator. A full copy of our Privacy Statement is available upon request.