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Nurse Practitioners provide comprehensive, accessible, and coordinated family health care services through Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinics to populations who have difficulty accessing a primary care provider (i.e. unattached patients).
Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinics deliver:

  • Comprehensive primary care to patients in the community ensuring continuity of care
  • Holistic care that addresses all needs of each patient
  • Enhanced health promotion
  • Chronic Disease and illness management and prevention
  • Care coordination and navigation of the health care system
  • Integrated care within the community through established partnerships

Services and Programs

Lab Services

The Northern Neighbours NPLC lab offers many services to meet our clients' needs. We perform some blood tests to help our Nurse Practitioners diagnose an illness, find out how well medication is working, or do a routine screen. If you have an abnormal lab test you will receive a call from us. We do not call you if the results are normal.

You may wish to check your results with the Nurse Practitioner at your next visit to the Northern Neighbours Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic. Our lab services are an enhancement to care but considered non-essential and our clients are encouraged to book an appointment. Additionally, our staff is happy to fax a requisition to a Life Labs at your request.

Hours: Tuesdays between 8:30-11:00

Registered Practical Nurse/OTN

Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) is one of the largest telemedicine networks in the world. It uses two-way videoconferencing to provide access to care for patients in every hospital and hundreds of other health care locations across the province. In addition to clinical care, OTN facilitates the delivery of distance education and meetings for health care professionals and patients.

The OTN site at the Northern Neighbor’s NPLC provides the Patient System meaning face to face appointments with the patients who are scheduled to see a doctor from anywhere in Ontario (as long as the doctor is part of OTN) can been seen from this location without travelling to see the doctor in person. Follow ups, consults etc. OTN provides a wide range of specialty doctors such as oncology, Gastro-enterology, nephology, pain medicine, mental health, Rheumatology and many more.

The telemedicine coordinator does assessments as per doctor’s request, introduce patient to the doctor, manage OTN system and equipment (digital stethoscope, AMD camera etc) that may be needed during the OTN appointment. We also have telederm which our primary care providers can consult with a dermatologist. The provider takes pictures with a digital camera of the patient’s skin condition, the Telemedicine nurse then uploads patient information and photos to the telederm program, which then the dermatologist reviews the case and responds to the requesting provider who then implements the treatment plan.


North Algoma Diabetes Education Program is a program offered through the Lady Dunn Health Centre, 17 Government Road, Wawa ON. The diabetes nurse educator, dietitian, and foot care nurse provide diabetes education and support to adults living with diabetes and their families so that they can effectively manage their disease and prevent or delay the complications of diabetes.

The Diabetes Education Program’s team offers outreach services in the communities of Dubreuilville, Michipicoten First Nation, Missanabie, and White River. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Renée Mellish at 705-856-2335 Ext #3108.

North Algoma Counselling Service

North Algoma Counseling Service provides area residents age 16 and over with effective community counselling services so individuals are able to manage personal problems and life challenges that impact their mental well-being.

You will be supported with a caring environment. You may find opportunities for deeper insight, as well as learn skills that promote self-help and healing.

North Algoma Counseling Service counselling is available at NNNPLC 1 day per week (Thursday). Contact: (705) 856-2335 Ext #3142 for an appointment.

Counsellor/Outreach Worker

Counsellor/Outreach Workers help people deal with day to day issues that reduce their ability to function at work, at school, and in the community. They focus on the social and emotional well-being as well as the economic factors at contribute to an individual’s overall health.

Counsellor/Outreach Workers play a critical role in the provision of services at the Northern Neighbours Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic by providing services including brief counselling. Examples include: Depression, Stress Management and Anxiety, Coping Skills, Work or School Related Issues as well as Addiction.

Counsellor/Outreach Workers help individuals by providing support with problem solving. They also act as a liaison regarding accessing additional services or opportunities to improve the individual’s current situation and overall wellbeing.

Clients are referred to a Counsellor/Outreach Worker when:

  • they are in need of mental health services
  • they are in need of short-term support
  • they require assistance with accessing additional resources such as applying for Ontario Works (OW), Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), etc.
  • they need to be referred for specialized services
  • they are in need of advocacy supports.

Registered Nurse Services

  • Immunizations- Children & Adults
  • Wound care
  • Obstetrics
  • Diabetic education and monitoring
  • Well Child Visits
  • Medication injections
  • Lifestyle management (weight concerns, high blood pressure, smoking cessation, etc.)


CHADWIC Home offers a 10-bed emergency shelter service. The shelter is located in Wawa, but the service is offered to any women and her children within the North Algoma, Chapleau area. Emergency transportation can be arranged for women and their children who need to come to the shelter. In addition to safe, confidential accommodation, we also provide food and basic necessities, laundry facilities, private bedrooms, children’s play areas, and some storage area.

As a resident of CHADWIC Home, you will have access to: emotional support, information, and referrals. We will provide assistance in accessing housing, financial aid, child care and legal representation. We will provide advocacy and accompaniment to appointments. These services are offered free of charge. To access the service, women may be referred or may call themselves at The shelter is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. www.chadwichome.com

Outreach Services are available at NNNPLC 1 day per week (Thursday). Contact Sherry Giroux, Transitional Housing and Support Worker for an appointment at (705) 856-2848 or Toll free 1-800-461-2242.

Chiropractic Services

Dr. Dylan Morgan, D.C, H.B.K., FAKTR provides a complete and robust suite of chiropractic services to our community.

For an appointment phone 807-345-6700 or text 807-707-8640

Pharmacies Serving White River

Fenlon’s Pharmacy, Wawa Ontario 705-856-2141

Wawa Pharmacy, Wawa, Ontario 705-856-0555

Hornepayne Pharmacy, Hornepayne Ontario 807-868-2058

In order to best serve you, the pharmacies will begin delivering your orders directly to you. Please contact your pharmacy of choice with any questions that you may have.

Resource Center

The Northern Neighbours NPLC provides many books on health-related subjects to patients who would like to read in the comfort of their own home.

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